But as for me and my household,
                              we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15

   Being a Mom is a full time job by itself~even if you a working Mom. I have the privelage of being able to be a SAHM. In the beginning, I was feeling really confident of being able to the 'job' of being a SAHM. I was homeschooling the children (3 of them when we began that journey) and we were all four enjoying learning to love being home together all day. I was also patting myself on the back for our ablility to have an almost spotless house during those years.
   Well, fast forward some years. My mother passed away in October of 2009. I was a rock during the weeks leading up to her passing. I never shed a tear. I held in my emotions as I always did in our family as the middle child of the three daughters. I also had to make hard decisions during those weeks. Forward past the funeral and family members returning to there homes, I thought things were returning to normal for us. It wasn't really. I had internalized my emotions which led to my bout with depression. Evidently you can have depression and not know it. Deep depression triggered Fibromyalgia in my body.
  Forward to the next school year. Over the summer my husband felt strongly that our children should begin attending public school. This was a hard thing for me to submit to. But I did. I gave the issue up to God. In the bigger picture, I had to give up my will for what was best for all of us. This is our third year with the children in public schools and while I still have my concerns I have learned to leave those concerns in God's more than capable hands. Through the public school system my older ones have developed talents that they can now and eventually will use to bring glory to God. My thirteen year old is a magnificent flutist. She picked up playing the flute instantly in her fourth grade year even though she had never read sheet music before. That can only be a God thing!
 The 'job' of being a Mom is challenging and rewarding, stressful and fulfilling, and it is 'job' given to us to refine our character to be more like Jesus and less self-centered. I often think that God must think a lot of me by allowing me the privelage of having six children to raise. Raising children is very high calling. We are bringing up the future generations. Let us bring them up to be servants of the Lord.
  I still have struggles daily as I grow as a Mom (Sunday I allowed my 15 year old to drive us to and from church in the morning-I got to attempt to not be overly corrective but to guide her without making her (and myself even more) nervous.) Being a Mom is a job that is always evolving and is never really done.
 I have committed to remember that "As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." I will trust Him will everything!
 How about you? Any Mom 'job' things you would like to share? Leave a comment!
                              Love ya,

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