Are you the parent of a teen or tween? Do you struggle with knowing how to get through to the heart of your teen or tween? Well, let me tell you, you are not alone in this! I currently have a 15 year old (and driver's permit carrying as of today) daughter, a 13 year old (high strung and strong willed) daughter and a 10 year old (emotional-as-puberty-is-setting-in) daughter. I have three more children who will follow them in 3, 4, 6 years respectively and girl, girl, boy respectively. I pray daily that my mind and hair will all be intact when the teenage years are behind us in 16 years!

 Teenage girls are very, very emotional people. They are constantly testing boundaries as they try to gain more freedom in their lives in regards to friends, time away from home and other life decisions. Like all the other growth stages of life, we were not given a "How to Guide on the Teen and Tween Years" when we left the hospital with the sweet, innocent and wonderful new addition to our family. Oh, how sweet would it be if there were such a thing! But alas, we must find our way through this stage in the growth and development of our emerging young adult as with the other stages of their delicate lives-trial and error and LOTS of prayer. It also doesn't hurt to seek out godly advice from others who have walked this path before you.

 I just read this article on What Doesn't Work to Change a Teenager's Behavior. It may be helpful to you as well, dear reader. 
 I hope I have been able to encourage you in some way!

                           Love ya, 
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