I don't know about you, but for me, my 'Happy Ever After' isn't always so happy. Now, before I expound on this: my marriage is weathering all the storms that come our way, neither my husband or myself are perfect and we do not claim to be. In spite of those facts, we love each other and firmly believe in working through our differences ( and they do pop up after you are married--sometimes years after ) and compromise and sometimes that takes weeks to accomplish but we never quit! We really meant 'till death do us part.'
 Moving on....
 I don't always do things the way my husband would like, in the time frame that my husband would like or how my husband would like. I do try to accomplish what he asks me to but it isn't always easy, it takes work--hard work--when myself and my husband see things differently. My opinion isn't always the same as his. My way of doing things isn't always the same as his way of doing things. I am by nature more easy going and laid back about some things than he is. And there are times where we actually switch rolls on something. For example, he might be really getting onto everyone about getting things really, really clean around the house while I am being the laid back one for a time period. Then all of a sudden we find ourselves switching sides and he becomes laid back about the issue and I am the one all gung-ho and itching to get things done. That is real life, real marriage! It is hard work! We will have struggles, we will have differences of opinion, we will have arguments on how to parent! There was never a "if trials come your way" in the Bible. There was a "when", however, and so we know that regardless of how perfect our marriage starts out, reality will soon set in and the tests of life will happen.
 If you find yourself in the place in your marriage that you need encouragement and assurance that you are not alone in the trials and struggles, I am here to tell you: You are NOT alone!
 Might I suggest some resources for you?
  1. Weathering the Stormy Seasons of Marriage
  2. Hearts at Home-A wonderful resource for Moms, founded by Jill Savage
  3. Proverbs 31 ministries
  4. No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage, releases on Feb. 1st, preview here

 I  hope these links have been helpful and I pray that I have encouraged you in some way! Love ya,
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