"Hi! My name is Susan and I am not a perfect Mom!"

Do you ever feel like you don't do things right as a Mom? Do you compare yourself, your home, your kids, your spouse and/or your body to other Moms and/or families? Have you ever let your emotions take over when your child or children are arguing or having meltdowns? Well, I am here to tell you, you are NOT alone.

I have often felt like I don't do things right.

I have compared myself, my home, my kids, my spouse and my body to others.

I often let my emotions take the reins in those meltdown moments...as I type this out my now four year old son is having a meltdown of great proportions over not getting what he wants.

The CEO and founder of Hearts at Home, Jill Savage, has written a book that will help me, and many other Moms who struggle with being not-so-perfect. I applied to be apart of the launch team for the book, titled No More Perfect Moms, when I found out about the opportunity via a Facebook post. Imagine my surprise-and excitement-when I received an email notifying me that I was chosen to be one of 100 Moms chosen to be on the launch team for the book AND I was provided a download of the book to start reading immediately!

I am starting chapter 3 today. In her book, Jill Savage shares her heart with us. She assures us that there really aren't any perfect moms. We only see the perfectly-put-together outsides of other Moms and families. When we compare our not-so-perfect inside lives to another Mom's perfectly-put-together outside-in-the-public life, we are bound to feel like a failure as a Mom and wife. The saying, " The grass is greener on the other side," really is not true! When you get to the other side the grass is the same, just a different set of circumstances and problems and struggles that we couldn't see until we were actually on the other side! God's Word tells us that He will not give us anything more than what we can bear while on this Earth. We all are unique and with that comes our own unique circumstances, problems and struggles...no one Mom has the same! God knows how much we can bear!

There are several ways for you to get on board with Jill's new book.

1. Go here and sign for the No More Perfect Moms 31 day email challenge that starts up on January 1st. The "31-day No More Perfect Moms e-mail challenge provides daily inspiration, encouragement and motivation directly to your inbox right when you need it most – the beginning of a new year!"

2. Wait until the week of Februrary 4-9 to order the book. If you do, you will also get free resources along with the book and you will help the book make the New York Times best sellers list. The free resources will include e-books, audio workshops and much more!

3. Go register for the national Hearts at Home conference held in Bloomington, IL March 15-16. I myself am planning to attend! The theme this year is No More Perfect Moms!
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