Our weekend went by way to quick! Saturday night I was taking paid surveys on http://www.surveyhead.com/ when my ears started hurting. Finally, my left ear got to be in so much pain, I had my husband take me to the ER. After a shorter than usual wait, I was seen and found out that I had a middle ear infection. I received a strong antobiotic shot, pain pill, and ear drops. Another 40 minutes later I was sent home and was able to fall asleep.

Yesterday I felt a little better around 10 AM but still not 100%. It was dreary and rainy outside all day. My whole family stayed home from church~ I missed going but I can't hear very well right now with the pressure on my ear drums and shouldn't drive when I take the pain meds.

My husband decided to take three of our girls out on Rend Lake, a local lake, in his boat. He got them all pumped up and excited about going. I went with them just to help but I know nothing about operating a boat so I was not very much help. After taking them for a ride on the lake, we decided not to let them fish since the water wasn't very calm and the boat wouldn't stay in place. So after all that, we headed back into town to pick up my meds at the CVS pharmacy where I also got a free full size bottle of body wash with a coupon they sent me in an e-mail. Then went to Kroger to pick up some extra newspapers for the coupon inserts.

I slept really well last night thanks to my pain meds. Taking it easy today while my two nephews are here. The kiddos are playing Wii right now and might go outside for a bit since it is such a beautiful day out.

Until next time,

I love shopping at Kroger utilizing coupons matched up with their sales! I have been able to save a lot on our groceries shopping this way.

Yesterday, I did two transactions back to back. I spent $20.24 in my  first transaction and received a $4.00 off your next order (herafter to be shown as OYNO)-my net total for this transaction was $16.24. My first transaction would have been $35.85~ my total savings after sales, coupons, and catalina was $19.61.
My second transaction was for $66.30 originally BUT after sales and coupons I only spent $16.18!!
Here is what I bought in both transations:
16 jars Classico pasta sauce (.99 ea after coupons)
8 packages Ronzonni pasta (free after coupons)
4 Bounty Basic paper towels (.09 ea after coupons)
6 Pillsbury Grands (8 ct.) (.68 ea after coupons)
4 Kroger brand Spinach Dip (on managers special for .59 ea.)
1--20 roll pack Cottonelle TP (13.50 after coupon)
Most of the pasta and sauce are stock up items. I like to stock up at rock bottom prices to save the most on our groceries.
Early on in the same day, I ran in to stock up on Annie's Homegrown Organic Mac-N-Cheese varities.  Without coupons-just with sales alone- I saved $31.00! I paid $7.92 for 16 boxes or just .495 per box.
So far, my total savings on those three transactions is $96.73 and I only paid a grand total so far of $44.34. That is just over a savings of 50%!

Today, 3/27/10, I went and got the local paper-5 of them- and found they had a .50 off any one I Can't Believe It's Not Butter coupon in the insert. Kroger has the sticks and tubs on sale for .98 right now and I am completely out. So I made a run to get my FREE butter!
Here is what I got today:
1 tub Pampers wipes (1.22 after coupon and closeout price)
3 tubs of ICBINButter (FREE after sale and coupons)
2 packs of ICBINB sticks (FREE after sale and coupons)
1 pack of Oacar Mayer bacon (1.49 after sale and coupon)
1 Cascade Action Pacs 60 ct (12.99 after coupon)
2 Scotch Brite Nail Saver sponges (1.13 after coupon)

I paid  a total of $19.38 and saved $19.38~a 50% savings on my whole order!

My total out of pocket cost on both days was $63.72. My total savings with both days combined is $116.11! I would have paid $179.83 without sales and coupons. I have stocked up on healthy food items and some basic nessities at rock bottom prices. Ya can't do that at Wal-Mart where I live! ;-)

Until next time,

Love watching the sunrise! So beeautiful! It will be so much more when the SON-rises and calls His children home! I am thankful that He calls me His own!
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I am a Christian, SAHM of six. I am a Pampered Chef consultant as well. My website is www.pamperedchef.biz/susanburk . I like to read~mostly Beverly Lewis's Amish based books and cookbooks as well. I love Taste of Home, Fix It And Forget It, and Amish cookbooks. I read cookbooks just to get ideas-afterall, a recipe is only a suggestion! I also follow a lot of other blogs. Most of those are couponing related of course! I love www.moneysavingmom.com and follow a few of the ones she has one her site as well. I also will dabble in different things like sewing, cross-stitch, crochet, and other crafts when I have a spare minute or two.
I also homeschool all of our children. I love seeing my children grow up before my eyes. Each milestone they reach only comes once. I couldn't imagine missing out on being there for almost every "first" milestone. We haven't always homeschooled and now that we have been for a number of years now, I know what I missed with my older two children. It isn't always easy or fun, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I hope to be able to update this blog daily throughout the week. Life is busy and sometimes things happen to get in the way of things on my To Do List. I just pick up the next day where I left off. I hope all who read this blog will enjoy it....
Until next time,