Our weekend went by way to quick! Saturday night I was taking paid surveys on http://www.surveyhead.com/ when my ears started hurting. Finally, my left ear got to be in so much pain, I had my husband take me to the ER. After a shorter than usual wait, I was seen and found out that I had a middle ear infection. I received a strong antobiotic shot, pain pill, and ear drops. Another 40 minutes later I was sent home and was able to fall asleep.

Yesterday I felt a little better around 10 AM but still not 100%. It was dreary and rainy outside all day. My whole family stayed home from church~ I missed going but I can't hear very well right now with the pressure on my ear drums and shouldn't drive when I take the pain meds.

My husband decided to take three of our girls out on Rend Lake, a local lake, in his boat. He got them all pumped up and excited about going. I went with them just to help but I know nothing about operating a boat so I was not very much help. After taking them for a ride on the lake, we decided not to let them fish since the water wasn't very calm and the boat wouldn't stay in place. So after all that, we headed back into town to pick up my meds at the CVS pharmacy where I also got a free full size bottle of body wash with a coupon they sent me in an e-mail. Then went to Kroger to pick up some extra newspapers for the coupon inserts.

I slept really well last night thanks to my pain meds. Taking it easy today while my two nephews are here. The kiddos are playing Wii right now and might go outside for a bit since it is such a beautiful day out.

Until next time,

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