A mom is at the park with her toddler and watching her toddler trying to master a new skill on the jungle gym. Can you imagine what goes on in her mind? I think it sounds like this: "Ohhh...don't fall...he is going to fall...ohhhh my...::breathe::breathe::breathe::...should I go help? Or should let him continue to try on his own?"
 Another mom is observing her 15 year old freshman daughter's first high school realtionship with a new boyfriend. She is trying with all her might not to blurt out every bit of unsolicited advice and 'concern,' etc. She watches as the relationship gets too serious too fast and attempts to voice concern about it. But what 15 year old girl is really listening at this point? I mean, really, the girl is infatuated with the idea of a serious relationship with this guy! So, weeks down the road, the mom watches and listens as the relationship starts to break apart and eventually fizzles out and the daughter is experiencing her first "serious" breakup. Now the mom is resisting the urge to 'fix' her daughter's broken heart and dreams.
 Can you relate to one or both of these scenarios? I sure can! In fact, these experiences are mine! I can't stand to watch my children fail and/or get hurt through the learning and growing process! These are situations where I want to protect, to guard and if need be, prevent a situation from turning bad. But reality is that my children have to grow up. The only way they can do that is if I step back (Not too far!!) and let them explore and experience life. I still struggle with the urge to keep my children from failing. And fail they will. They are not perfect. I have to allow them the grace to be human and the space to learn and grow.
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 May God bless you in your journey as a Mom!
                       Love ya,
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