This week seems to be just flying by! Wednesdays always seem to appear out of nowhere! This morning, I am enjoying the solitude of my home while my husband is at work, my 5 girls are at school and my son is at preschool for the morning. I used to homeschool my children and we enjoyed it for most of the six years that we were all home together. It was what was right for that season of our lives. In this season of life, however, sending them to school is what is right for our family. 
 While the children are at school and my husband is as work, I try to utilize my time alone to have my quite time with Father God by spending time in the Bible, praying over my family, myself, my church, and so many other things. Right now I am working on a 'Read Your Bible in a Year' chronological plan. (Bible Gateway is a great resource and free for you to utilize for Bible reading and study.) 
 I am also doing a study on Living Like Jesus via Good Morning Girls. I am on day 3 of the eight week study and am learning so much as I utilize their materials (free also when you sign up and free to sign up). This study is done using the book of Luke.
 Everyday is not what I expect but I know it is full of what God has planned for me as I continue to grow in my relationship with Him. It so invigorating to be filled with His truths each day and to allow Him to show me where I need to make improvements in myself and in my relationships with others. 
 When we allow God to use us and stop trying to "use" Him, we will then be able to know the true JOY of being called His child!
  I pray for you, reader, that my blog would be help to you and encouragement to you.  I pray that you will thirst after God and seek His righteousness above all else in this world. 
               Love ya,

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