While 2012 was full of learning and growth and many of God's blessings, I am looking forward to what 2013 holds for me and my family! I have not made any New Year's Resolutions. Instead of resolutions, I am going to set some goals. My first goal is to be real, be authentic in all areas of my life. It is okay if I am not perfect at everything and I am okay with that!
       I am still reading through No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage. (As a part of the launch team for her book, which releases in February, I was provided a pdf download of the book. I am not being paid to promote and all comments on the book are my own.) Now that that's out of the way....
       Chapter 1 of the book is "Perfection Infection." I suffer from perfection infection more than I want to admit. I want a perfect family, perfect home, perfect everything! But reality is that "perfect" is so unattainable this side of Heaven! How much stress do I put on myself because I expect more than what can actually be in real life? I need to just focus on what God gives me each day, live life with realistic expectations and take time to really enjoy this life that God has given me. So what if the laundry never really gets caught up? So what if I have put of doing the dishes to spend time with my family? So what if there are toys all over from the children dragging them out and playing? What are my priortities really focused on? Yes, I want to make a home that my family loves living in but if I am so focused on the cleaning and making sure everything is in its place all the time, I eventually become overwhelmed and am bound to start yelling (shocking? no!).
        I challenge you, reader, to live life being authentic. Be honest, be open, be real. Allow yourself to enjoy what God has given you! Give yourself grace, and others, when you, or they, make a mistake.
        Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you come back again!
        Love ya, Susan
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