Wednesday was an early dismissal day for my older four children. I also brought home two extra kiddos to watch until their mom got off work. That brought my total number of children up to 8 for the afternoon. My nerves were already a bit edgy that day-a side effect of my fibromyalgia I am guessing. I decided that since it was such a nice day to let the ones without homework play outside. I also had one on the Wii. The children were literally all over the place. Not good for this mom, I later realized, as my nerves unravelled even further. (I know, you're probably thinking, "Geesh, suck it up lady!")
So, the children outside managed to find every muddy spot (and we had church to go to later) and I am really beginning to get antsy every time I look at muddy hands and shoes. I should be used to this by now and able to adapt and overcome and all that other stuff we Moms of Many Young Sibilings say but on this particular day and in that particular moment I just wanted everyone clean and sitting down reading or playing quietly.
Our young friends' mom came to pick them up and then I rushed my crew inside and started telling everyone to get cleaned up. Wash hands and faces, put clean clothes on, clean shoes and on and on. Then the children decided they wanted a snack-the snack of choice? CHOCALATE pudding =)) My five year old commences to take hers outside to eat. While outside eating her pudding, she thought it would be fun to get on the trampoline. So, my multi-talented, multi-tasking five year old daughter decides to climb the ladder up to the trampoline while eating her pudding. Yep. Who knew you could do that? She is almost up all the way when the ladder shifts and she slips, bumps her chin creating a small gash in her chin. The bleeding stops and we conclude that it hurts way more than what it looks like.
Last night after dinner,she decides to let us in on the fact that she has a loose tooth. REALLY loose tooth. She pushes it forward with her tongue so she can show us how loose. Daddy checks it out and finds the one next to it is also loose. We decide that the bump to the chin the previous day gave her more than a gash in the chin-it also succeeded at giving her two loose teeth-on the bottom, front and center. She will soon be able to use a straw without parting her jaw. Her main concern? "Will I still be able to whistle?"
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