I went to two stores last night after bringing my oldest daughter to Youth Hanging Out Night at our church. 
First stop was Wal-Mart. Here is what I got at rock bottom prices there:
4 bottles of Antibacterial Spic and Span- $0.97 each before coupons-$0.47 after coupons

4 cans Alpo Prime Cuts dog food-$0.67 each-after coupons: $0.34 each
4 Nestle Nesquick Double Chocolate milk, 16 oz.-$1.08 each-after coupons: $0.54 each
2 Philly Original Cooking Cream-$2.48 each-after coupons: $0.98 each
4 Athenos Greek Yogurt-$1.00 each-after coupons: $0.56 each
1 O-Cel-O sponge 2 pack-$0.92-after coupon: $0.57
1 Palm Olive Dish Liquid-$0.97-after coupon: $0.62
6 boxes Kleenex-$0.97 each-after coupons: $0.81 each

4 packs of King's Hawaiin Rolls- $2.00 each-after coupons: $1.50 each
2 dozen All Natural Omega3 eggs-$3.54-after coupons: $1.54
1 White Cloud 24 double roll TP-$10.98-after coupon: $9.98

I also bought 2 boxes of #2 pencils @ $0.94 ea., 3/16ct. boxes of crayons @ $0.57 ea., and 1 ream of printer paper @ $3.50.

Before coupons and ad match my total for everything was $61.43. After coupons and ad match my total was $15.91 in food items and $29.42 on household, pet, and school supplies. Total purchase: $45.33 with tax.

My second stop last night was to our local IGA to ad match the Purex deal from this week's CVS ad. 
What I did:
I ad matched 6 bottles of Purex 32 loads @ $1.99 each and used 6/$1 off one coupons making my total on those $5.94 or $0.99 each.
I ad matched 6 boxes of Purex Complete 3-in-1 sheets @ $3.99 each  and used 6/$3 off one coupons making my total for those $5.94 or $0.99 each as well. 
After taxes I paid $14.57 and saved $38.40!!! 
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