Last night, after a very full day of church, relaxation, blogging, and shopping, I was ready for a very FULL night of sleep. It warmed up quite a bit and I knew that we were expecting some bad thunderstorms. I normally sleep through the storms that arrive during the night hours. I am just NOT the night owl I used to be 6 children ago. So, after running into Kroger last night and then a later supper for the children, we all go to bed. Ahhh, the sweet rest that sleep brought! 
Well, it did until my dear, sweet Mother In Law called both cell phones at 1 A.M. this morning to make us aware of the tornado warning in our area. We were to wake all the children and retreat to the basement, she informed me. 
Well, I am not one who is frightened by storm warnings by any means. Last summer, there was a warning (and, unaware of a funnel cloud down the street) I was simply went about my business while my MIL and hubby had all the children in the basement. I figure, if my Lord and Savior wants to use a tornado to take me home, I am not gonna get buried in rubble while He is trying! 
So, back to last night. I woke up my wonderful, peacefully sleeping and hard working hubby to make HIM aware of all his well-meaning mother had just told me. We both step outside to check it out. We hear the wind picking up. We get lots of rain and more wind but nothing more. I never heard the sirens go off either. We both go back to bed. I finally fall asleep after 30 minutes of singing Francesca Battistelli's This Is The Stuff in my head a few times. 
Needless to say, I am so very glad we did not wake 6 children ages 13 and under to go to the basement for a mere 30 minutes just to send them back to bed. And I won't forget to turn my phone off tonight.
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