I love to read when I can snag some quiet, down time here and there through my day. Here is a list of books I am slowly working my way through at the moment:

1. Radical by David Platt
2. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer
3. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin
4. Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Whitson
5. The Choice (Lancaster County Secrets, Book 1) by Suzanne Woods Fisher

All but one of these were downloaded for free on my free Amazon Kindle app on my phone. It so nice to be able to read for both improving my relationship with God and for leisure. My favorite days to read are the days of Autumn and Winter when we have no plans and can just stay home and lay under a soft blanket with a hot cup of something good and relax. What books are you reading through??

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