I went to IGA, Walmart, and Kroger to day. Here is what I got (forgot to take picture, so will add one later on):

3--100ct boxes of Splenda
  Ad matched the $2.99 Walgreens sale
  Used 3-$3 off coupons (added a small filler item so my coupons wouldn't beep)
  My total was $0.40. Saved $9.00


7--3.8oz boxes Splenda Granulated
  Ad matched Walgreens $2.99 price
  Used 7/$3 off coupons
  Free + 7 cents overage
4 Reach dental floss $0.88 each
  Used 2/$1.50 off 2 coupons
  Paid $0.52 for all four
2 Febreze To Go with Gain$1.97
   Used 2/$1 off any Febreze w/Gain coupons
   Paid $.97 each

Total after coupons and with tax was $4.12 and saved $26!

And Kroger:

7 Crest Toothpaste, Sale 10 for $10
  Used 7/$1 coupons
  Paid just $0.53 tax and saved $20.93 after sales and coupons savings!!

I spent $5.05 altogether today!!! Best trip to date!!!
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