I had an amazing time at the Hearts at Home National Conference  ! I will do my best to go again next year -- and be more prepared for lack of sleep ;-)! We heard some wonderful speakers, great worship music, and an all around good time! 
 I was sick after the conference and spent a good week recouping. But, as all moms know, life still goes on. Children need transportation to and from school, little ones still need watching after and playing with, housework still calls our name, and everyone still wants to be fed. So I muddled through the week and still drug a little the next week.
 Last week my children were on Spring Break and were so pleased that the weather was nice. It warmed up and the shone...well, for the first three days, anyway. The rest of the week it was very cold and wintry mix weather. It even snowed Saturday!! I guess Winter didn't get the memo about it being Spring time! ;-)
 The children are back to school this week and we are getting back to our normal routines--if there ever is a "normal" in a family of eight! We have quite a few birthdays coming up this week. I have nephew being born TODAY, a niece turning 2 on April 1st, my 5yo daughter's friend's birthday party Saturday afternoon, my 2nd oldest daughter's birthday party Saturday evening(she is turning 12 on Sunday), and Sunday is our niece's birthday party (the one turning 2). 

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