So sorry for my 4 day hiatus from blogging. I have been busy getting my house in order. I have taken on a home child care provider job for a lovely little girl we will call "H" for now. We spent Sunday between church services and Monday cleaning the house really good again (nooks and crannys mainly) and decluttering in some places. I was to start yesterday but H's asthma got bad yesterday, so mom took off work to take her to the doctor. So, yesterday, instead of doing babysitting, it was a day of cleaning and reading. I finished up the two chapters of the book, Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs, that some of us ladies from church are using for Bible Study class on Wednesday nights this month and next. Then, I read and studied my Sunday School lesson for this Sunday. All that in between bringing kids to school, cleaning, cooking, and I even got a short workout in! Yayyy me!
Today I do have H as well as my Simon and Rachael. I got up at 5 AM this morning so I could shower and get my Bible study in. Also, I brewed coffee for me-I knew I would need it to get me going today :) We went out for a bit to meet up with my sister for breakfast-used Subway coupons for she and I (Buy ANY size drink and get a free 6" breakfast sub or flatbread) . Came home and got to work on cleaning the laundry room up a bit and cycled laundry while the oven preheated so me and H could bake cookies (break and bake's that needed to get used).
At the moment, the dishwasher is running, Simon is napping, and Rachael and H are quietly watching a movie.
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