Blessed. Grace. What does mean to be blessed? Am I blessed?  What is grace? How do we show grace? How do we receive grace? In Debbie Morris' book The Blessed Woman: Learning About Grace From the Women of the Bible, we learn about both as she shares her heart and expository glances at women from the Bible in relation to being blessed and having/showing grace.

As a wife, a mother, God's child, a volunteer, a teacher, a student and all the other many roles I have in life, it is hard to remember and see the blessings of God and His abounding grace in my life amongst the business of schedules day in and day out. I am so glad to be able to share about this wonderful book with my readers! I hope you will consider reading it for yourself!

"It’s not easy being a woman. The demands and expectations of us, and those we place on ourselves, can be overwhelming. While trying to navigate this thing called “life,” have you ever longed for a close friend, confidant, or mentor to walk alongside you and encourage you in Biblical womanhood? Debbie Morris did. And yet even as a young minister’s wife, she found herself without someone to fill this all-important role. So she turned to the Bible. Biblical women such as Eve, Sarah, and Miriam had always fascinated her. But now they also became her friends, sisters, and teachers. Through their stories, the Holy Spirit revealed how their lives—both joys and struggles—weren’t that much different from ours today and how they can teach women today to be a grace-filled, life-giving woman of God.

In The Blessed Woman, Debbie invites you to learn from these women as well. As she shares her own stories and the stories of discerning women in the Bible, she addresses topics such as overcoming insecurity, finding purpose, establishing priorities, letting go, and waiting. The Blessed Woman reminds us how God longs for every woman to experience His tenderness—and to know the true meaning of being blessed." (Quote from Amazon)

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