I have been looking for a way to motivate my children, especially the younger three, to do their chores daily, spend time reading daily, and to be kind to others at home, not just at school and other public places. I found these really cute FREE printable chore, reading, and kindness punch cards HERE. I really love that they print in three columns, with one of each card in each column, and all on sheet! My kiddos really enjoy these as well. Instead of searching for using a hole punch, I just use the old fashioned foil star stickers--which my kiddos love to use!

Now, I have only recently started using this system with my younger three kiddos (who are currently 8, 7, and 5) so I had to go on the eSearch for inexpensive rewards and came across Free Printable Behavior Charts. They offer some really neat free printables! I decided to use the customizable coupons. Rewards do not have to be monetary! Having several children, I know that just one-on-one time with Mom or Dad is enough, or a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick an item-or two, or going to the park for an hour, or....the options are only as limited to as your creativity takes you!

I came up with this cute way to store reward choices for my kiddos...

Also, iMom has some great printable chore charts and other printable resources as tools to help us all in our journey as parents!

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