Garage/rummage sales is one of the things my hubby and I enjoy doing together.

So, Saturday morning my hubby woke me up at 5:30 AM to go to rummage sales. We were out for several hours and I scored some great deals. I was able to snag a pair lace-up, slip on Skechers size 8 for my 12 year old for....drumroll please.... 50 CENTS!! And these are in REALLY good shape!! At the same place I was able to find a new pair of jeans and a new shirt-both with the tags on for $1 each. 
We stopped at one place that was $5 per bag of clothing as long as you could tie it shut. There I was able to get two denim skirts and one pair of jeans for my 5 year old, one pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, and a dress for my 9 year old and a top for myself. That averages out to about $0.72 per item!! 
We were able to get a large pop-up Diego bus for our 2 year old son to play in in his room for $5. We got him a toy truck and tractor for under $2. We bought him a pair of Levi's for $0.25, a pair of Spiderman light up shoes for $0.50, and a pair of Cars slipper-shoes for $0.50.
I bought a like new purse for myself for $0.50.
My hubby was able to snag himself 2 short sleeve Colts t-shirts and 2 long sleeve Colts shirts for $1-$2 a piece and a saws-all (not sure if that is spelled right-I am not a power tools person) for $15. 

We spent around $40 while out. I am pretty sure we saved way more than that on the things we bought. 

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