This morning I have song lyrics running through my mind. The lyrics are from a fairly new Christian band-to me anyway. The name of the band is Eternity Focus. The name of the song is Live the Lyrics. Music is such integral part of most of our lives even if we don't realize it. My music journey began before I could read and still continues today. Music in school growing up, chorus in grade school and high school, and just listening to music and singing along. This morning the lyrics to Live the Lyrics, part of them, anyway, keep replaying in my mind. The song says,"What if we lived the lyrics, to 'I Surrender All,' what if we believed, 'Jesus Loves Me,' the world would be changed if we would, Live the Lyrics."
      Have you ever considered that idea? Have ever thought as you sing praise to the Lord God that the words you are singing should be words that you truly try to live out in your life? If we only sing the song and never consider the meaning of the lyrics and how we can apply them in our lives, then it is just another song. What would a world where Christians didn't just sing 'I Surrender All' on Sunday morning but lived the lyrics Monday through Saturday as well look like? What would a world where children singing 'Jesus Loves Me' really understood how wide and deep the Savior's love for them really is? What a change would take place in this world! Christians, let us not just go through the motions of praise and worship on Sunday, let us live out those lyrics on Monday through Saturday! That is my challenge to me and my challenge to you!
            His Servant,

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